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Guilty as Charged: Fifteen Free Coffees

So, for my more regular readers (all six of you), you have read my tirades about saving money by not spending it on the little things that fritter your money away, like buying Coffee (especially if your employer is supplying free coffee to you), well you can officially call me “Mr. Pot” to all you Kettles out there.

I figured out that I have had over 15 free coffees in the latest chapter of Tim Horton’s “Roll up the Rim to Win” contest (a couple of free donuts as well). On the surface that sounds pretty darn good, and it is much better than I normally do (usually win 3 or 4 cups over the 2 months). However, if I look a little closer at the 3 cups of coffee a day I was buying and then the 7 or 8 each weekend (usually bought because I was going to be in a drafty and cold gymnasium), I think I have blown over $300 on coffee over that two month period. Sigh! I’m an idiot.

Yup, me who complains and laments about how the government hates me, and I never have enough money to do things like fixing my roof (that is the next financial story to be told in the coming weeks) had enough disposable income to blow $300 on coffee? Um, no I didn’t, but I did it any way.

“Hello, my name is Big Cajun Man, and I am a Tim Horton’s coffee addict”

Easter is for new beginnings, time to control this out of control spending! I’ll keep you posted on whether I can stop this out of control coffee buying (I think I’ll drink the free stuff at work, that should cut down on my intake, as this stuff takes putrid!).

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  1. You can’t stop a behaviour, you have to replace it. Try drinking water instead, it’s probably free and it will give your arm something to do when it wants to lift a coffee. Even herbal teas can help, myself I like pepermint..

    Like most people though, you’re probably drinking coffee for the extra productivity and alertness. I’ve always found that if you have a coffee first thing in the morning it makes you tired all day, and you have to keep drinking it.

    Try skipping the first one, hold off as long as you can if you still want to have coffee. You won’t get that mid afternoon slump. Try taking Spirulina too, that stuff gives you crazy energy.

    Don’t feel too bad, caffeine is one of the most addicting drugs, but you’ll feel amazing when you’re free of its chains. I know because I’ve always worked in call centers,nuff said.

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