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RDSP: Statement of Grant (Follow on)

After sending a quick email to the HSRDC folks, I was happy to get a call back from them. They have an email contact on the RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) page, so I used that to contact them.

Since my son’s Disability Tax Credit (DTC) was reinstated, I was curious how long it will take us to receive a revised Statement of Grant letter. I sent the email to the HRSDC rdsp-reei email account asking about this. I got a phone call the next day.

Statement of Grant 2024
The Current Statement of Grant for my son

The young lady I spoke to was pleasant and helpful. We chatted about a few points.

HSRDC won’t get the new DTC update from the CRA quickly. This means we won’t hear about a new Statement of Grant for 6-8 weeks. OK, I work in the government; things take time. She then gave me a phone number to call if I didn’t hear anything, which was helpful, too.

We then discussed how TD has locked my son’s RDSP account. I found out about that when I tried to make a deposit. I got a phone call from TD saying they had reversed the transaction and locked the account due to my son’s DTC expiring. The lady from HSRDC didn’t know why TD had locked the account. She said it is not in the RDSP definition that this should happen, so TD is going off script (again).

Next steps: Statement of Grant

Wait. As with all things with the Government, waiting is what you do. I have reminders in my calendar to call in 6-8 weeks.

Once that waiting is done, I will call TD Directline folks to find out when they might unlock the account. When I spoke to them last, they said it could take up to 6 months. I will be pointing out that I can move this account in that same time. Patience be damned. I am not standing for too much bull feces here.

The CRA now has a request for reassessment, from me, to claim my son’s schooling costs as a Medical Expense. This will also take a while to ferment through the system. Luckily, when our son’s psychologist redone his educational profile, we got a supporting letter from her. We await that, making this the Summer of Waiting.

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What happens to your RDSP if your DTC expires?

The account will no longer receive grants or bonds until the DTC is renewed.

When your DTC is renewed, how long will you receive a new statement of grant eligibility?

It can take six to eight weeks, depending on how busy HSDRC and the CRA are. If you do not hear back after eight weeks, follow up with a phone call.

My provider has locked my RDSP account so I can not put any money in, what can the HSDRC do about that?

Nothing; your bank is creating its own weird policies about your RDSP. You’ll have to wait until your bank allows you to make deposits again.

Can an RDSP be included in a bankruptcy proceeding?

No, as of 2019 it is specifically excluded from all bankruptcy actions.

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, when TD locked your son’s RDSP account, are you still able to buy and sell investments as long as no new money is put in? Or, are you not able to do anything with the account at all? I’m worried that if my child’s DTC lapsed and his RDSP account gets locked, I won’t be able make any changes to our investment choices until his DTC is reinstated. Thank you.

      1. Update! yes, I can purchase ETF’s and such, I just cannot deposit money. I deposit to it as a “bill” since that was the only way it worked for me previously.

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