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Portraits in Cheapness: Made $2M a year and was Frugal!

Matt Bonner formerly of the Toronto Raptors led (and I think leads) a frugal lifestyle, even though when he was playing he made more in a year than many of us do in 20 years. WeAreFanatics has a good graphic and article outlining how Bonner still leads a frugal life.

Matt Bonner

As usual Bonner’s frugality came from having not much when he was younger and having to survive in Europe on next to nothing. Frugality certainly is a learned trait for a lot of people. Bonner didn’t own a car in Toronto, but Toronto’s mass transit system is quite good. Why would you have a car?

If I lived there, I am not sure that I would have a car either (especially if I worked downtown as well).

The best comment was that he didn’t want to pay the extra $2 for extra chicken on a Subway Sub (“… what a rip off…”) classic cheapness! He even wore cheaper shoes, until he got a deal where he got free shoes. Nothing more frugal than free shoes.

If a guy who makes more money in 1 year, than many of us make in 20 years can be frugal, what’s our excuse? Keep up the Cheapness Red Rocket!

Matt Bonner has now retired, hopefully his cheapness has paid off and he has an easy retirement. Given he is working on TV as an analyst, my guess is he is doing OK.

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