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Has The Motley Fool Outlived it’s Usefulness?

I must admit that when the Motley Fool guys started in the 90s, I read many of their books and listened intently to them on cassettes. I even subscribed to one of their newsletters. Back then, they seemed to primarily make money on their books and advertising on their website. This seemed like a reasonable business model.

I have noticed that they have had a very different change in how they do business. Most information of value you have to pay to get at now via their newsletters and such. While I understand why they do this (my guess is you could make a lot more money doing business this way than you would if all you made money on was printed books). I continue to read their books, but I take them out of the library now, I can’t afford to buy them, and I don’t receive any of their newsletters, as I am finding them a little too pricey these days.

Has anyone reviewed how good the financial and investment suggestions made by the Motley Fools were and whether it was worth the money you paid for them? Their concepts seem a little “over my head”. This is most likely because I don’t have enough time to read this stuff in depth either.

My advice would be to borrow some of their books from the library. I think their basic advice concepts are sound. You can figure out whether you can keep up with their ideas on specific investment areas.

Remember, the Library is the greatest resources for free financial advice and ideas.

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