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Potential for Disaster

Yes, my Christmas planning has been derailed by illnesses and far too many “events” to attend and I fear I may end up in a “Christmas Panic” and overspend on gifts (as usual). This is what stores want you to do.

They don’t make money on the people who get their shopping and planning done in October, they make their money on the Husband who walks into Best Buy on December 23rd and decides his wife would want a Microwave oven for Christmas, and then as he drives home realizes that this was a bad idea, so goes to the jewelers and drops 2 months pay (gross) on a necklace to make up for it.

This is where the money is for the stores, so plan folks, and don’t get sucked into panic’ing!

Fail to plan is a plan to fail! (said Mr. Pot over hear)

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