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End of Year 2006 !

Remember you have 1.5 days left to get that end of year stuff done, for it to count on your 2006 tax return. The ones I can remember are:

  • RESP contributions, I also remembered to create an RESP account for my son, which took a HECK of a long time over at my bank, luckily I did it on the Wednesday, and they still got it wrong! Oh well, it seems to be up and running finally, and it has some money in it too.
  • Charitable donations, again, never a bad thing to help with your Karma, or your tithing, or for whatever reason you wish.
  • RRSP donations, YES, I know we have until February 28th, but the sooner you put your money in, the sooner it starts to grow as well.
  • Tax payments due this quarter, in case you are in that boat.

The bank was a zoo yesterday, I would guess on Friday it might just be a lunatic asylum. I usually do all of this on line, but it ended up being easier to create accounts in my local branch (after they figured out what they were doing)

The Itunes store evidently yesterday had it’s own boxing day melt down, Cyber shopping emulates the real world again!

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  1. _Don’t remind me, lol.
    _I’ve spent over two months attempting to sell off a small amount of multi-national [ex]employee stock. Websites, passwords, overseas phone calls, obsolete forms … every step taken has been a complete hassle.

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