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Wireless Number Portability

From 2007: Hard to believe but wireless number portability had to be mandated by the CRTC or the Canadian wireless operators would not have complied. For the longest time you could not bring your phone number with you if you changed telecomm suppliers, luckily that changed.

So the CRTC in Canada (the governing communications body), is bringing in a bunch of new rules, which you can read about here, however the most important one, is the fact that if you change your wireless company you can keep your phone number. I quote from the web site:

By March 14, 2007 Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and the mobility division of TELUS Communications Inc. will be required to provide WNP to their customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec. This means that customers in any of these provinces will be able to switch to any service provider in that province (wireline or wireless) and keep their phone number.

Now this does seem to only hold for the MAJOR operators, but still, you can threaten Bell or Rogers with leaving them and still get to keep your phone number. It’s amazing what happens when you threaten to leave a wireless company, suddenly you get free phones, better deals, it’s like you have to threaten to get a better deal (sounds like a good theory of life). Remember however, a threat is only as good as your willingness to follow through on it!

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