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File Taxes Electronically Get a Break!

Back in October 2007 this was important. Filing your taxes electronically was still a new-ish thing. Back then you had to pay to E-file? The late Mr. Layton made a good point about the ecological impact. More importantly it also meant quicker response to filings as well. Preparing your taxes should be free (i.e. no cost to prepare it), for most of us. Intuit and Quicktax are fighting this hammer and tong.

Says the NDP?!??!? Wow, I had to go back and read over this, but yes, Jack Layton is saying that anybody who E-filed this year should get a $10 rebate and next year, they should get FREE tax software to help modernize the whole tax system.

By encouraging Canadians to file their taxes electronically we can shrink the ecological footprint of the annual tax package by reducing printing, transportation and physical storage requirements,” Layton said. “Helping Canadians move away from paper tax forms is where government leadership is needed.”

Jack Layton – NDP Leader 2007

OK, I get the gist of the argument, that cutting down the great paper storm that Tax season creates would be a good thing, but the NDP said this? Interesting indeed. I’ll give them a point on my scorecard for that one. Wonder when the Liberals will hop on board of this one?

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  1. Wow, indeed. Somebody should have thought of this a long time ago.

    Why are we PAYING for the privledge of filing our taxes?

    First the ATM fee ban and now this. The NDP is making it a lot harder to not vote for them.

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