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That Day, I Miss Jack, Easy Money and #MoneyStories

It is 14 years since that day, when the world changed in 2001. Is the world a worse place because of the events of that day? It’s a different place, is all I can say with certainty. History will tell us the rest.

Have One For Me too Jack
Jack we miss you on the Campaign Trail, this is a boring election without you.

The election continues to show that the Tories are lagging, the Liberals are not wowing, and the NDP seems to be turtling their way into a slight lead, but none of the party leaders are running away with the race. It would have been exciting to see this election if Jack Layton had beaten cancer, but we will never know, won’t we?

Apple introduced some “new” technology, including the iPhone Maxi (6S Plus) and the reintroduction of the Apple TV. I get the feeling that the media world (specifically video streaming) is about to change, but I also suspect it may not be Apple that wins the fight.

Our friends at the Bank of Canada continued their rates on Wednesday with the following statement about the economy (hopefully, one day it will come with a helpful decoder ring to explain all the jargon as well):

Increasing uncertainty about growth prospects for China and other emerging-market economies, in contrast, is raising questions about the pace of the global recovery. This has contributed to heightened financial market volatility and lower commodity prices. Movements in the Canadian dollar are helping to absorb some of the impact of lower commodity prices and are facilitating the adjustments taking place in Canada’s economy. While the overall export picture is still uncertain, the latest data confirm that exchange rate-sensitive exports are regaining momentum.

Meanwhile, risks to financial stability are evolving as expected. Taking all of these developments into consideration, the Bank judges that the risks to the outlook for inflation remain within the zone for which the current stance of monetary policy is appropriate. Therefore, the target for the overnight rate remains at 1/2 per cent.

A simple translation? “risks to financial stability are evolving as expected” the known unknowns are known? The unknown knowns are better understood?

My Writings for Week Ending September 11th

With Labour Day being so late this year we are already well into September, however, it is still hotter than most of the summer, 2015 an odd year for weather :

Tweet of the week

I found this one in my twitter feed and was horrified when I read the story

Money Stories to Help You Back to School

Did you realize that the Blunt Bean Counter has returned from vacation and that he has a new book he’d like to give away? If you read, Let’s Get Blunt About Your Financial Affairs – Book Giveaway & Book Launch , you would have (oh and I might have a few copies myself, but I still owe him a review of his book too). Speaking of books, the Canadian Capitalist (who is still retired), did do a Book Review: The RESP Book, which is still relevant and well worth reading. Gail Vaz-Oxlade has returned from a summer hiatous as well .

Barry from Money We have wants to remind us about unplanned expenses with 5 Things People Forget to Budget For, he didn’t mention car repairs in there directly either (oh and home repairs too). If you are thinking about retirement, Mark from My Own Advisor had a guest post which sums up one way to make sure you have enough money to retire, with Save like this, retire like that – My “tory about early retirement in style. Did you realize that Dog Ownership is Optional? Mr. Money Mustache points out that obvious truthism.

Michael James tries to answer the question, Should You Get a Fixed Rate Mortgage? I think if you could lock in at a very low rate for a very long time, the answer is yes, however, the lowest rates right now are only for 2 years. Did you realize that Ontario has the highest average tuition fee in the country? The Toronto Star did. Marie from Boomer and Echo gives us some Money Saving Tips for Families, which is always helpful. To keep saving money, Our Big Fat Wallet gives us 4 Gifts You ShouShouldn’te, although I remember I did do a piece on Christmas Presents not to Give  Your Kids.

Preet Has a New Podcast?

No, in fact, the Maven of Moneys is on someone elseelse’scast (switching it up):

Facebook Fun

A very interesting discussion on Reddit about the TD E-series funds, that is well worth reading:

2015 Random Thoughts

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