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My Credit Card Just Bought Me a Coffee Maker

So the points from the PC Financial credit card comes through again, with a nice new coffee maker. Our old coffee maker died a few weeks back, but we went and bought a new one with our points. I think that’s pretty cool, that my credit card got me that, I wish other things aloud me that.

Another interesting shopping things we found out, was we got a free phone from Bell Mobility, by renewing for 2 years our contract with them. I wasn’t going to cancel it, and my wife’s phone was broken, so there you go, just walk in and ask what you can get for free. Now I didn’t do my normal hard driving statements like, “I guess I better go ask Telus what deals they can do for me…”, and if I had, I might have got a free car charger or something like that, so remember to be your own best advocate in those areas. Get all you can!

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I think I feel like going into the bank, and getting free banking again, time to make a deal, or be willing to move on!

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  1. Really!
    I have a rewards credit card too. It’s the best for me today. It’s cool to get some bonuses time after time.

  2. Yes, and it used to be I could transfer my Petropoints to my PC Financial account, but unfortunately that connection is no longer there. Too bad.

  3. Rewards programs are surprisingly effective behavior modifiers.

    I recently joined a loyalty program for gasoline. Now I seek out that chain and am more concerned with how many points I’m “earning” than the price of the gas 🙂

    Someday, I may have enough points for something useful.

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