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Ronco Goes For Bankruptcy

The company that brought us the Veg-O-Matic ( Ronco ) is going bankrupt, and it is a sad day. I grew up watching ads for the pocket fisherman and the veg-o-matic (no I never bought one of those, but I always wished I had one). Hey, they gave us the original Ginzu knives, where you could slice your bread paper thin (for the in-laws) and then cut a nail (why you wanted to do that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it was cool)!

How could a company like Ronco, with such fantastic products, go under? Ron Popiel isn’t running it anymore, and I guess their food dehydrator and miracle ovens are not selling as well.

What about the Canadian King of selling stuff you don’t want K-Tel? Well they seem to be rumbling along happily these days, after a rough patch there in the 90’s. They are claiming they will be bringing their compilation albums out on iTunes! Holy Crap!

OK, so that calls for this great clip, the Super Bass-0-Matic !!!!

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