Executing a Financial Plan is like…. (Friday thoughts)

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Friday Thoughts

That was a week that was, with huge economic ramifications from things that have been brewing for a while:

  • The below prime fiasco in the states, which still has a while until it’s final effects have been discerned. This has caused a “credit crunch” with Central banks all over the world injecting huge amounts of “cash” into the system. What does this mean? Don’t know, but we’ll see in a couple of weeks what those actions have caused as well.
  • The “China Syndrome” looms more and more, with companies that have subcontracted their manufacturing now realizing that maybe they should have had tighter quality controls as well? What is next in this episode?
  • The Stock Market had it’s worst start to a day yesterday since they reopened after 9/11 . Remember to stick to your plan, and don’t get too emotional about it, and if it really bothers you, just don’t look!

Executing a Financial Plan is Like

Moving a bridge, very slow and sometimes you never think you are making any progress, but you are. Don’t believe me?This is the Island Park bridge move from August 11th here in Ottawa. Ottawa folk are strange, because we go to these kinds of things and treat them like rock concerts! I am not kidding there were hundreds of people watching this.

Slow and steady growth, just like slow and controlled bridge moving.

Time lapse of this entire Island Park Bridge Move project can be seen here as well.

Have a good weekend, relax, don’t worry about finances, have fun, and on Monday things will be different (not necessarily better or worse, just different).

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