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Statistics, Smoking and some Friday Random Thoughts

A busy week for me at work, which is always a good thing, so let’s just bounce around to some thoughts on my mind and some ideas.

  1. Let me state that I am NOT in favor of the Government banning smoking in some one’s house. I never meant to imply that should be the case, however, I am all over parents who ban smoking from their house (even their spouses) when there are kids involved. To paraphrase a famous (infamous) Canadian, The Government has no place in the bedrooms of Canadians (kind of creepy to think of my MP hanging out in my bedroom).
  2. TD announces amazing profits yesterday after last week’s DOOM and GLOOM statements, so what does this mean? You should have bought TD last week? That’s about my only view on this, whether there are still more ramifications from the below prime fiasco in the states, we shall see. My DRIP keeps dripping along happily.
  3. The back to school insanity continues in my financial world, with that sucking sound you hear my kids going back to school.
  4. My visit to the Passport office this week was not the horror I expected, it took me 20 minutes once I was in the door and I paid only $2 parking at 240 Sparks Street, amazing. I didn’t see Lotta Hitchmanova anywhere around however. Just go after 9:00 AM on a Wednesday before the Lunch rush.
  5. My company (my real job remember) just changed their parental leave benefits (naturally lowering it’s top up (was 75% after first 9 weeks are at full pay, now is only 55%) ), which has caused a great deal of discussion internally, with one side crying FOUL and the other pointing out that a great deal of companies do not offer any “top up” of the EI benefits and we are lucky to still have them. Given I am not planning on having any more kids, I am not part of the discussion.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I really enjoy reading your site.

    I’m definitely interested to see whether I end up known as a Canadian blogger, or a PF blogger. Time will tell…

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