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Bloggers Meet, Larger Public Service and Friday Random Musings

A restful if not short week on Vacation, which was enjoyable and with back to school fairly quiet as well.

This week has seen some interesting financial news:

  • The very first meeting of the National Capital Financial Bloggers Association was held at a Starbucks in Ottawa’s East End. In attendance were the notable Larry MacDonald of Investment Ideas Blog, along with the brilliant bloggers behind Canadian Capitalist and Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer. Despite ordering only one coffee each (and some didn’t even bother to buy one), the conversation was nothing short of invigorating and intensely interesting. As for me, I’ve never had the opportunity to speak with other bloggers about “the business” and financial matters in general, so it was truly a revelation. Their blogs are a must-read, and I find myself constantly pondering new financial ideas that I had never even considered before.
  • Interest rates are staying the same for this month, which is a good thing. Given the Fed in the U.S. lowered its rate, are the tight money philosophies that were espoused at the start of the year being revisited? I don’t think so, this economy is starting to overheat and inflation is certainly not too far away.
  • The Public Sector continues to grow from it’s bottom in 1999, since 2000, public sector employees have represented about 19% of the total employed labour force, but if government continues to grow, who is going to pay for it, given their main income is from us.
  • Apple announced a cheaper iPhone (a discount as it were) which is causing folks to be really mad at Apple about dropping the price so soon. I think I actually agree with Steve Jobs when he said if you keep waiting for the next big thing, or the next price drop, you’ll never buy anything high-tech. Oh, and there still are no iPhones set up for Canada (you can hack them evidently to work here but it is going to cost you).

Enjoy your weekend. The fall starts soon.

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