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Friday Random Thoughts

Strong Dollar, Why No Price Drops?

For those of us in Canada, we have learned that there are two prices on most books and such that you purchase, the price in the U.S. (in U.S. dollars) and the Canadian Price. What do I mean? Look on the back of most any book in your book store and you will see two prices (maybe three if it quotes a European price), and the U.S. price is usually significantly cheaper than the Canadian price.

Makes you wonder now, will those books drop in price in Canada, due to the strength of our Wonderful Loonie? My guess is the American price goes up to match the Canadian price, but again, one of those, “I wonder what will happen” questions. Then again, maybe I just need to drive to Ogdensburg, and buy my books there? Might actually cause a resurgence in cross border shopping.

Lots of Women at University?

Being the father of 3 beautiful daughters, I was glad to see that Young Men are far less likely to move onto post secondary education than women (given I am a father of a two year old son, I am also quite concerned). Interesting, so I had better not plan on using my daughters’ RESP to pay off my house, however, maybe I can use my son’s?

LuLu Lemon on the Rampage Again

This stock just keeps going, it is now flirting with $40 a share, and given it’s initial IPO of $18, that is one heck of a lot of growth in equity value in a six month time frame. Maybe we need some smart guy to tell us more about this stock, say Investment Jungle?

Ontario Election Looms

The October 10th election in Ontario looms on the event horizon, and all candidates are making promises that are dubious in their origins. How are they going to pay for all of this? At least the NDP is honest and says, “Taxes!”, the Liberals claim they don’t need extra money, and the Tories claim they will cut programs to pay for their ideas. I have resolved to have a sign from every party on my crab grass infested front lawn by October 10th (at least for Nepean).

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