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Kippers? Kids Eating their Parent’s Retirement

Kippers? Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

One of my Dad’s favourite treats was kippers, I loathed the smell of them, but my Dad loved their taste.

This weekend, however, I read a new twist on the term Kipper, evidently there is a new financial term to describe “older children who won’t move out of their parents’ houses“, KIPPER. In this case it decodes to:

Separating bank notes / Séparation des billets
  • Kids
  • In
  • Parents
  • Pockets
  • Eroding
  • Retirement
  • Savings

I read that and it really tickled my fancy as a new and useful Personal Finance Term. In your retirement plans, do you have any contingencies in case you have KIPPERS?

Given the odd times we now live in, this may start happening more and more unless Real Estate prices drop significantly.


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