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Friday Random Thoughts

Some thinking and concepts for a Friday, after snarfing down far too much candy on Thursday:

  • Employment continues to rise in Canada with 63,000 new jobs created and with the unemployment rate dropping by 0.1% from September to October.A very interesting point is that:

    Workers aged 55 and over accounted for the majority of the employment gain in October. With these gains, the proportion of persons aged 55 and over who were employed reached its highest level, at 32.2%. Employment for older workers has risen 6.9% since the start of 2007, in contrast to 1.2% for those aged 25 to 54.

    Older folk are getting more jobs? They must be soaking up a lot of the part time jobs not being filled by younger folks?

  • The Dow dropped 362 points yesterday in an interesting “blood letting” exercise, not sure what might have triggered this, but always something fun to live through, that is for sure. Is this a buying opportunity, or should you wait?
  • Christmas is officially here, I have been informed by my daughter who works at Loblaws that all stores have Christmas trees up in their foyers and all toys are deployed. Careful where you shop, if you have little ones.
  • I was interviewed this week by Tony Martin of the Globe and Mail, should be interesting to see how I come out in that article. I was honest, so I most likely will come off as a bit of a “fop” or maybe even a “dandy” when it comes to investing. Stay tuned I’ll point to the article, if it gets published.

Have a good weekend, I am busy with basketball

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  1. Your blog is certainly a great resource for staying up with the Canadian economy. That $1.05 figure for the strength of the Canadian dollar flabergasts me. And, you are right about Canada becoming the Energy Capital of the Americas. Although we are still blessed, here in the U.S. with tremendous reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil, the Environmentalit hold on politics is total. We are not permitted to develop 85% of our reserves on the Continental shelf, and are denied any access at all to a huge amount of oil in Alaska, plus a staggering reserve of nat gas there.

    Oh, well, thank God for Canada. We need you, badly, now.

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