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Canadian Dollar Down 3 Cents!

Oh no! Well, not really, who thought the Canadian dollar was going to stay up at such heady values? Down 3 cents yesterday as is Oil, so this is a better thing I guess.

End of Year is Coming

Have you started a plan for 2008? You realize it is only about 50 days away. Some ideas for you:

  • Plan to maximize your RRSP contributions?
  • Plan to minimize your debt load?
  • Plan to get rid of unneeded expenses?

Think about these things, making a plan is easy, and once you have it, then you just have to follow it, dead simple.

What is an Index Fund?

That’s a good question, and over at Michael James on Money, he is explaining it to you, so go over and check it out.

Coming Soon

An update on my financial resume and a way to share your financial world with your spouse, in a way that doesn’t put them on the defensive. Mrs. C8j and I have a good understanding of where arguments start and money is public enemy #1, so we are working to understand how we can talk to each other about this topic in a calm and sane manner.

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