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Christmas is coming, are you planning?

Christmas time is the best time to think about a financial plan, for many reasons, but let me run through a couple:

The Spirit of Christmas is Watching YOU!
  1. The week after Christmas is New Year’s day and a completely new fiscal year starts for you (except for RRSPs), if this isn’t the best time to have a plan in place, I am really not sure when would be better.
  2. You already are planning for Christmas, so if your mind is in a planning frame, just keep it going and put together an all together financial plan.
  3. Christmas is the birth of the ultimate financial planner, Christ. Anybody who can feed that many people with a few loaves and some fish, knows how to plan (oh, I am going to hell for that one).
  4. You have an entire year to look back on to base your next year plan on, no better data point than December to do a review of your financial year.
  5. December is actually an anagram for Embed Rec but an anagram for Financial Plan is A Panic Fall Inn, and you don’t want to Panic Inn the Fall. OK, this one is a bit of a stretch.

December is a time to reflect on your financial year, collect all your pertinent data, and make a plan for the coming year. Without a plan, how can you tell if you are succeeding or not?

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