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Good Financial Habits

Sometimes good habits start happening and you don’t notice that you are doing them. Good financial habits can be achieved in the same way.

What do I mean?

  • When I stopped biting my finger nails, I started over a Christmas vacation and when I got back to work, I noticed I hadn’t indulged my obsessive habit, so I just kept doing it.
  • I haven’t bought any coffee at work this year so far. Yes, I have not been at work, but that doesn’t mean this good habit should be dismissed, changes are done, one day at a time.

Interesting, I hadn’t even noticed until I started driving in to work (in the fog) this morning. Keep this in mind, have you started a good habit and you don’t even know it yet?

Starting the Year

Remember the year is starting, so starting planning the year. When are you going to have Christmas paid off? When that happens what are you going to start paying off after that debt is clear?


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