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Investing Thoughts

Since I have started with the new site I have had a few new folks ask me questions about, where should I invest my money, let me be very clear, I have no bloody idea and I should be one of the last people you ask about investing. I have links to some very smart people’s web sites who I use as research for investing, but I can say that I am the Luis Pujols of investing. I will on occasion voice an opinion on investing (like at the end of this post), but please do not invest your hard earned money on the basis solely of what I say (you will be very disappointed).

Online Government

My beautiful wife pointed out over the Christmas Holidays that I can renew my car registration on line with the Ontario Government and they will mail me my renewal sticker in the mail. I tried this on line service from the Ontario Government and I am here to give it a thumbs up. Worked fine, no worries, the system worked ok, my only complaint is that since I have two cars it was two separate transactions (would have been nice to do both in the same shopping cart).

  • Link to Ontario Government On Line Car Registration Renewal Site

Personal Finance for me

Days without spending at work: 3
Amount spent this week at work: $0.00

Apologies to RSS Readers

Sorry folks, I am still learning how to do this outside of the world of Blogger, and had my RSS feed set up incorrectly. You should not get a full feed if you subscribe to my site. I did not mean to change how this all worked, and you have my most humblest of apologies to you my valued reader. Explanation of what I did to bugger up my RSS over here.

Thought for the Month

I bought myself a personalized calendar from and this month’s statement seems quite apropos in terms of investing and the problems I have some times:


Before you attempt to beat the odds, Be sure you could survive the Odds beating you.

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