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I like to watch

To quote Chance the Gardner from Being There, and I really do enjoy watching stocks on a ticker (I use the Yahoo Instant Messenger version) but I really am not sure why.

It is fun to watch things, especially the Stock Market, Bitcoin or other areas, but only watch. Don't get caught up in the hoopla and whirly burley of things. Just watch.
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I preach that you should stay the course and not make rash decisions, so the worst thing I can do is to sit in my office and every 10 minutes glance over to see how my stocks are doing. For a while I turned it off (and I must admit I did turn it off from 2001 to 2003, because that was just too much to watch). I also remember the heady days of the late 90’s watching stocks jump $2 and $3 a day and having no idea why (and in hindsight, neither did anyone else).

I think it is the part of me that enjoys watching sporting events like Baseball. It is so long and so boring, but occasionally something amazing happens and you don’t want to miss it. Maybe I am hoping to turn and see that suddenly I can retire because all my stocks have doubled (ok, quadrupled at least), but it’s an interesting behaviour that I really don’t understand.

Do you stock watch? Why? Maybe now you watch Bitcoin? As a spectator sport both are interesting, but don’t get caught up in things too much either.

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