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Random Thoughts Before March Break

March break begins at the end of school today (for kids in Ontario) and I can hear the cars loading up to make the trek south to warmer (and less snowy) places.

  • The Bank of Canada rate cut is an interesting move. They actually jumped an entire half point (3/4 of a point since the start of the year), to see if the Canadian economy can keep humming along. As I keep saying, take this as an opportunity to pay your debt down faster (if it has a variable rate the way mine does).
  • Stocks continue their drop, with many banks dropping to almost 5 year lows (see BMO.TO for one, CM.TO is a 3 year low). Time to buy? Maybe not just yet, given they got caught up in the whole low mortgage thing in the states, you kind of wonder what their management structure was thinking?
  • Gasoline continues to hover around $100 a barrel, but our consumption is dropping. Makes me think about getting an electric bike for the summer to commute with.
  • Income tax season is coming to an end, shouldn’t you have submitted your forms yet? My excuse was that I didn’t have my T4 until March 5th.
  • More snow is coming to the eastern seaboard this weekend, oh boy. I need to make sure my snowblower is in good working order for Mrs. Big Cajun Man.

Have a good weekend.

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