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Easter, a new beginning

This day is really the beginning of it all for the Christian Faith. Strangely Christmas seems to be a more celebrated holiday, but Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the alpha and omega for the Christian Faith. Without Easter Sunday, there really isn’t Christianity (just as there isn’t a Faith without Good Friday as well).

Enjoy the feast and the celebration of our faith. Feast and enjoy, and revel in new beginnings.

Remember that Lent is now over too, so if you had a Financial Plan or Lenten vows to add or remove something from your financial plans, that time is over, look back and see if it was a success. If you feel you failed, figure out why, and either try again or try something else. Take the good from your work and move on.

Use Easter as the starting of something new, Financially and Spiritually. Revel in the joy of a new start and new beginnings!


Happy Easter to You and Your Loved Ones!


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