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Good Friday

The Easter season begins today with Good Friday, with that in mind I am going to enjoy this weekend with my family, and will be back on Monday.

Good Friday
Good Friday

I have spoken about Good Friday before so I leave you a short excerpt from my Faves page:

Good Friday Personal Financial and Planning

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Banks Some useful advice I gave a friend that still is very true!
  2. Free Banking One of my favourite topics on how to get your bank to give you FREE banking for a while at least.
  3. Quarterly Personal Finance Status Report A way for couples to keep each other up to date on their financial status.
  4. Debt is Like Fat Another way to look at trying to get out of debt.
  5. Debt Makes Me Sick A frank article on my feelings about debt.
  6. RDSP a Really Long-Term Savings Plan outlines the penalties for taking money out early from the RDSP.
  7. COVID-19 Are we F*cked ? written just as the outbreak started, and at the end of it, yes we were f*cked.
  8. Retiring at 40 FIRE! is this still possible at my age?

Enjoy the Festival of Easter!

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