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Hidden School Costs

I have written about this one, but I continue to be unhappy with the situation that I currently find myself in, in terms of hidden school costs. I don’t really mind too many of the charges, since in most situations I am either paying for my child’s extra curricular activities or I am paying for convenience (i.e. a hot lunch program), and I don’t even mind too much some of the “user fees” imposed (for wood in shop classes and such).

I do however have a problem with the $179.25 I pay a month to bus my kids to school. So here are the facts:

  • All 3 of my children attend schools that are not easily within walking distance of my house (one is about 3 KM from the house, and the High School my two older daughters attend is about 14 KM from the house).
  • Due to board rules there is no free busing offered to my kids (there is busing in some situations, but due to rules, we are not eligible for them).
  • I do claim the bus passes I buy on my taxes (so I do get money back from this).

The price of these bus passes is almost enough to buy a used car. I have talked to my School Board trustee and my local MPP about this, and while they are sympathetic nothing much will be done about this.

My two oldest attend a school much farther away, because my oldest’s program is there (she is in a specialized program) and it was easier to have my middle daughter there as well (so yes, you could discount my bitching by 1 child if you wished). Next month my youngest will go back to biking to school as well (whether she wants to or not!!!).

I can afford this (it hurts, but I can) and the tax rebate softened the blow a great deal too, but how do people who can’t afford this deal with these costs? I think the simple answer is they don’t have the options I have I guess.

Always talk nicely to the Police Officer

Off topic, but still in a financial vein, always remember that when you are stopped by a Police officer for speeding and you KNOW you are speeding, be polite, apologetic, and contrite. Tomorrow, I will explain more.

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  1. Hey Big Cajun,

    Haven’t you regaled your kids with tales of how you walked 10 miles to school when you were a kid, uphill both ways, and you had to share a pair of shoes with your brother?

    14 km is a long commute for your elder daughters. No getting around some kind of transit for that. That’s unfortunate.

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