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Jesus is Watching You!

So this one has little to do with finances, and isn’t really a religious thought, and I am stealing it directly from Joel Osteen, but I laughed out loud when I heard it and sometimes that is a good thing.

Jesus is Watching!

A burglar broke into a house and as he was picking up the HD Plasma TV in the living room he heard a strange disembodied voice echoed, “Jesus, is watching YOU!”.

The burglar jumped out of his skin clicked his flashlight and he looked around to see where this voice came from, and he saw off in the distance a parrot, who squawked, and repeated, “Jesus is watching YOU!”.

Pretty Polly Parrot

The burglar walked over and said quietly to the parrot, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, I am, and Jesus is watching YOU!”, the parrot confessed then squawked.

The burglars said, “Well what’s your name?”

The parrot said, “I am MOSES!”

The burglar chuckled and asked, “What kind of a person calls a parrot Moses?”

The parrot replied, “The same kind of people who call a 150 lb. Rottweiler JESUS!”

OK, a corny joke, but I had to share it. Remember also that every day He is Watching You!

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