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Cleaning up and Sunday’s Best

The importance of making sure things are clean and well behaved in life is very important (financially), however if you are running a petit business the way I am here (small just doesn’t really say how small it is), it is very important to know what you have written and what is still hanging around in your archive of stories. I have started cleaning up my archives, and will continue to do so for the next month or  so, and I may then change the look of this site as well (I am sick of it, and have been for a while).

Yesterday was Bastille Day in France, so hopefully my French cousins enjoyed their Independence Day (effectively).

With this clean out, I may go back under 2000 posts, we shall see, but because I am wandering through the archives, my Tweet posts from the archives are much more interesting these days as well:

  • If you did Donate $25 a Week, you’d be surprised how much money you were actually giving away every year (and I am sure there are Charities that would love to have the money too).
  • With OK My Man I ranted about the lack of respect shown by many folks in the service industry, now I don’t get too rude with them in return, however, I do try to find ways to not use the service if this happens as well (i.e. vote with my feet).
  • With the iPhone being 5 years old and RIM announcing terrible numbers on that day, I figured I’d look back at my initial views on the iPhone.
  • With Occam’s Razor I took the concept to a financial point of view.
  • I figured I’d give some good news with If this gets paid off, ANY debt is payable! I remember when the actual cost of the Big Owe was published and I thought how can $1B get paid off by a city, well, it happened a while ago.
  • It’s important to keep things simple and that is the point with If You Hear Hoof beats…. , most of the times the obvious answer is the right one.
  • My Own Money Advice MeMe died with my post, but still a useful piece of advice.
  • Pay Day Loans, No, No, No! Points out my hatred of this industry, I will be attempting to extricate the 3rd party advertising that is allowing them to advertise on my site, in the next few weeks.

And for a little fun for Sunday, did you know how much Cookie Monster likes cookies?

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