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My Wife is Worth What? (cont’d)

My wife went to Home Depot to replace the Bar B Q mentioned in my humorous story of a few weeks back (Flames and Bar B Q), she found the one she wanted and was going to come home and get my Home Depot card to purchase it (not sure why it is in my name only, but it is for some reason).

The wiley sales rep at the Home Depot stopped her and said, “We have a deal this month, if you get a new Home Depot Card, you get $30 off on this purchase…”. My wife was intrigued by this, as she does enjoy saving money, so she asked how she could get a credit card, and the sales rep went to the service desk and sure enough, my wife qualified for a Home Depot Card. My wife does have a part time job working, but does not really make enough herself to justify giving her a credit card (in my humble opinion).

The Sales Rep was undaunted and he managed to get my wife a Home Depot Credit Card, and when he asked my wife how large a credit limit she wanted, she said the minimum (sensible lady). So now my family has two Home Depot credit cards, one in each my wife and my name.

Are they separate? I have no idea, I haven’t seen my wife’s bill yet, but it astounds me that it was that easy for my wife to get a credit card, and now I am petrified that one of my kids could do the exact same thing. Are these credit agencies looking at my credit rating to give this out? Not likely, but you never know, it is just that they will give a credit card out hoping to trap anyone into carrying debt on it (the interest rate on Home Depot cards is well over 16% I believe).

I guess our next task is to go back to Home Depot and close my wife (or my) account, we shall see. Sounds like something out of “Max’ed Out”.

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