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The Church Bazaar and Uncluttering

Written many years ago, but my house is still too cluttered. The Church Bazaar is still a great place to find things, though.

Church Bazaar and Uncluttering

A decluttering T Rex ?!?
T-Rex is like decluttering?

In our continuing attempts to unclutter our lives, we are now attempting to give away many toys our children do not play with by giving them to the Church Bazaar. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of clutter, as long as you don’t go to the Bazaar and buy new crap to replace the crap you gave away. Hopefully, the number of “Groovy Girls” and “Polly Pockets” in our house will drop significantly.

Trying to get rid of crap by selling it yourself can be a money-making endeavour, but not for me. I tried to sell things on eBay and found out you cannot sell old copies of Playboy (after 1980). Who knew? If you wish to rummage through my garbage, my old collection will be in my recycle box next week—all of this in the name of making more space (or just getting rid of crap).

What does a T-Rex have to do with all of this? It goes with the photo thematic premise this week.

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