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Unclutter your life!

One of my older posts, but it still holds today! Unclutter yourself!

Listening to the latest Suzie Orman book, she talks about removing the clutter in your life and, more importantly, in your FINANCIAL life. Answer the following questions:

  1. How many credit cards do you have? Do you need them all? Have you accidentally not paid one for a month just because you forgot? Maybe it’s time to have 1 card (or still NO cards).
  2. Where is your money? Spread out over a bunch of places (I plead guilty I have an RRSP at work, a DPSP, a Spousal RRSP and then a Spousal RRSP and two other trading accounts, and that is just for SECURITIES). It’s a nightmare keeping track of where and where I invest.
  3. How much stuff is lying around your house that you don’t use that you could DONATE somewhere? Donate your old (but not worn-out) clothes. I liked one comment Suzie had about not selling things at a Garage sale but donating it. You won’t get what you think something is worth at the Garage sale, but you will feel like you donated something worthwhile if you give it away (not sure I am being clear, hopefully, you’ll read the book and get the gist of it).

Unclutter your lives, clean up your financial lives. Make space for new things, like debt reduction, saving, RRSPs, and such, but start cleaning up!

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