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Canajun Finances Home » Speech from the Throne November 2008

Speech from the Throne November 2008

Special Report: Federal Speech from the Throne

I’m sorry I just could not resist the picture, since every time I think of the Throne Speech my mind naturally moves to the water closet.

The Speech From the Throne

You can find the complete speech on this link, have a read it’s a lot of fun to read something that implies so much and says so very little.

Quite the throne
My Kind of Throne
  • A Fiscal statement is coming next week from Jim Flaherty (mini-budget? budget? whatever).
  • We are going to try not to run a deficit, but we make no promises.
  • Support of workers in transition. Does that mean they are going to give me an athletic supporter, money or training? Support is a generic term, training is implied, but not sure.
  • Quoted Warren Buffett, who quoted Wayne Gretzky who said we should â€œto skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”, commenting about how we need a Dynamic economy. I always liked Yogi Berra’s “Hit ’em where they ain’t..” as a colloquialism.
  • More effective government, that’s kind of like promising to eat right, words are interesting, actions are the telling part of it.
  • One very interesting statement about Electric Power generation:
    “Our Government will set an objective that 90 percent of Canada’s electricity needs be provided by non-emitting sources such as hydro, nuclear, clean coal or wind power by 2020. “
    Interesting target to have, given a lot is already Hydro and Nuclear how close are we to that number already?
  • Improving the UCCB, no real statement what that improvement might be, but I like that idea.
  • Lots of motherhood statements about funding the military and the police to keep us all safe (not bad things, just fairly standard stuff).
  • May divine providence guide us in our deliberations.” Really not sure what that is supposed to mean, but it reads well, that is for sure.

I guess we shall wait until next week to hear what Mr. Flaherty has to say about programs, taxes, expenditures and the like. I smell a deficit coming, but we shall have to wait and see.

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