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Thoughts: Is it Safe?

After this week, the easy answer to my post, Is it Safe? is NO! That is for sure another terrible week on the Stock Market worldwide, and things are not looking up shortly. The S&P TSX Index had its second-worst percentage drop ever.

What I wrote that Week

Figured I’d spice things up and add in what I wrote that week as well:

“…The S&P/TSX closed down 9.02 percent, or 765.80 points, to 7,724.76 as the oil price slid as low as $49.50 (U.S.) a barrel. It’s the first time the index has closed below 8,000 since December 2003…

  • Free Money Finance asks the question Who Gets to Keep The Ring When an Engagement is Called off? I can say in my case, I asked for it back, but I felt it was my right. I also got a full trade in value (back then People’s jewelers did that).
  • Michael James continues his graph work to illustrate why MER: Death by a Thousand Cuts . If you own Mutual Funds, you really need to look at this one.
  • Canadian Capitalist has some Ideas for your TFSA , which are quite good. I am still not sure what type of account we may open and how might use it, but we better decide soon, I guess.
  • Ellen Roseman writes about How to cut back and be frugal, I guess frugality is the new extravagance? Kind of like short is the new long? I never understand fashion metaphors.
  • Canadian Tax Resource suggests using RRSPs to Offset Capital Gains, which means the tax on the Capital gains. Be nice to have Capital Gains to worry about.

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I have ten followers for now, and I am still astounded. Anyone cares (although I follow Stephen Fry, so I guess I am no better).

As for the question, I was toying with having an Umpire picture with the caption “Not Safe.” Then I teased with a giant condom picture but figured that was a little vulgar (safe = prophylactic), so I ended up with this picture showing many dangerous things, and the answer, that it is not safe yet.

Have a safe weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link. It’ll never be safe. Meteors could land on your head. Lightning could strike you. When stock prices are nice and high everyone will agree that stocks are safe. The truth is that stocks are safer now than they were a year ago.

  2. Safe? I wouldn’t say that investing is ever safe. It can be less safe or more safe depending on the market trends, but I wouldn’t ever call it safe since you can always lose your money.

    Thanks for the mention. Tip’d is really taking off.

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