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Happy Thanksgiving & BCE Youch that Smarts!

Happy Thanksgiving

To my American readers I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and wish you all the joy and happiness of this holiday season. It’s odd to read that the Thanksgiving weekend is actually a bigger traveling weekend than the Christmas weekend in the U.S., in Canada Thanksgiving is big, but not that big. Black Friday looms on the consumer horizon, with stores in Canada getting into the act!

BCE Not a Well Company

I should have known better but BCE announced atrocious numbers on Tuesday and the stock went into the tank on Wednesday, which is not a big surprise. The company is in limbo, with it’s “sale” still not confirmed yet they are laying off management like it’s the new national pastime (come to think of it, it just might be for 2008).

I have held the stock for some years as a Dividend asset, but now it doesn’t even seem to pay those any more, thanks to this misguided sale (at least last quarter) and now the company itself seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of Nortel? (I really hope not, but then again, BCE has managed to make some very odd decisions in the past two years as well, so who knows).

TSX a Winner Otherwise

Other than BCE’s plummet, the TSX seems to be at leveling off, and it is trending neutral to positive, which is a good thing to see as well. A leveling off is a good thing, a positive trend is even better but a leveling off may mean most of the panic selling is over, but we shall see.

RSS Feed Issues

For my readers who read over my RSS feed, there have been issues the past few days, and I am not sure what exactly is causing it, but I ask for your patience and hopefully I can get to the root of this issue.

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  1. Poor BCE. How the mighty have fallen.

    FWIW, we might get our dividends back when the deal officially falls through.

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