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Death and Taxes

The Big Killers Are…

Stats Canada came out with a survey that pointed out that:

In 2005, the three leading causes of death in Canada were cancer, heart disease and stroke. These three causes of death were responsible for 58% of all deaths in Canada in 2005.

This is not surprising, really, but it does make one take a pause and remember the importance of being in good health, getting exercise and eating well. Financially recognize the importance of having Life Insurance as well.


Do What You Can program starts today to help start getting electronic components OUT of the landfill sites. This has been a good idea since the dawn of new TV technologies. It could mean a great deal of old “tube” TVs filling up our landfill sites with all of the exciting chemicals in them, as well. The program seems free (I haven’t found any cost statement), which is excellent given the last time I tried to be “Green,” it cost me $25 to recycle a CRT for a computer. 

The Tax Man Cometh

Remember the end of this month (it’s April today, no April Fool’s jokes today), so get your taxes done and in on time. If you owe money, pay at the end of the month, but what are you waiting for if you are OWED money? Do you want to loan the government your money? Tax time only feels like your head is in a vice for a short period, and then it’s over for this year.

No iPod/iPhone Skype in Canada (yet)

My post yesterday was premature. I attempted to get the Skype client for my iPod and found out it is not available in Canada yet.  This is annoying, and if anyone can send me a copy of the client, I’d appreciate it to try things out (anything to lower my phone bills).

Q1 on Markets Ends

Optimistically the markets closed yesterday, with an uptrend which doesn’t mean we are out of the woods, only that there was some buying at the end of the Quarter. It could be significant Mutual Funds doing some “window dressing,” or it might be the start of something good. Only time will tell.

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  1. If you want to get Skype on your iPod Touch or iPhone in Canada, you just need to set up an account on the US iTunes store. Just Google “skype iphone canada workaround” and you’ll find out how.

    I maintain accounts on both the US and Canadian iTunes stores for just this very reason…

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