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Jobs and Job Fairs (again) and Random Thoughts

When I was job hunting (many years ago), I dropped by a Job Fair in Ottawa, and was astounded to see the number of people at this small job fair and also by the fact that I knew so many of them. It drove home hard just how many folks are looking for jobs right now. The other fact that had me thinking was that very few (if any) of the exhibitors wanted resumes, they were simply talking about their company and wanted candidates to submit their resumes to the company website.

This means no one will read resumes after this show much (they may have a bunch sent to them electronically, but my guess is they will simply add them into their job database and forget about them).  HR rarely reads resumes sent to them directly, they wait for software to “screen” candidates for them.

The important point to remember that if you are job hunting, you need contacts to get jobs. The number I have heard quoted is 75% of jobs are never posted, they are filled by folks that the company knows about from internal contacts.

Another free piece of advice, talking to other Unemployed folk, is not networking. Talk to people with jobs, they will know of jobs where they are or who might be hiring, unemployed people rarely know that and can’t help you that way.

My View on Job Fairs and such

Random Thoughts: Financial Apocalypse Over? (April Fools!)

The financial blogging world this week had an eclectic cross-section of articles but some that I enjoyed were:

A final job hunting tip, if you are lucky enough to find a job, remember those who are still looking, and help them out as best you can as well!

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  1. The value of a job fair depends on whether the market favours job seekers or employers. However, it’s difficult for either group to stand out in a sea of sameness.

    And yes, meeting the notworking isn’t networking.

  2. As someone who has been to many job fairs in the past I don’t know who came up with the idea that they are a successful method of finding employment. In 1,000 people there might be two gems to be had. For the company it’s worth their time. I’m thouroughly convinced that for anyone seeking a salaried job career fairs are a waste of time.

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