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Random Thoughts with Oil Spiking

It’s the summertime, and as expected, gas prices are soaring high. Despite the number of unemployed people and fewer drivers on the road, gas prices are still skyrocketing. It’s unclear what’s causing this, but some suggest a possible conspiracy by Canada to force the US to rely on the Tar Sands in Alberta. However, this idea seems flawed as it is driving the Canadian dollar up to equal value with the US dollar, which could negatively impact Canada’s economic recovery if they are not careful.

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Financial Blog Highlights

This week’s treasure trove of nuggets of wisdom are a wide spectrum of financial discussions:

  • Million Dollar Journey does a comprehensive comparison in High End Chequing Comparison, a good read for those who might be shopping around for a new bank.
  • Michael James’ cynicism shows through in his post A Phone Call From Bell, but he isn’t wrong either. I’m sure if he asked the young lady to repeat “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers” five times fast, and he’d agree to the deal, she might do it.
  • The Canadian Capitalist tackles a topic near and dear to my heart in Tips on Safety Deposit Boxes. One thing he missed that you shouldn’t put in your safety deposit box, your spare dentures or eye glasses.
  • Preet’s attempt at Television fame at Where Does All My Money Go continues on with Watch Me Compete on the W Network, he is entertaining to drink with, let’s hope it translates well to TV.
  • Larry MacDonald discusses the Deflation Threat and is skeptical about hyper-inflation and deflation as well. I like reading cynics, makes me feel safer.

Don’t miss my weekend post on the one sure fire way to make some coin!

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