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What goes up…

… must come down (and that’s not just lyrics from an Alan Parsons song, either).

The NFB comes through with another interesting short about greed and money. If only CEOs had to work that hard to get their profits up, and only if their heads did those funky things like in this short, I guess only in my dreams.

In this animated short, two moneymen intent on climbing the profit ladder at any cost inevitably come crashing down. Incisive and succinct, Tom Tassel’s Krach illustrates a basic principle: what goes up must come down.

But is it as simple as a stroke of the pen? Maybe, who knows? Look at my investments and tell me this isn’t random!

Krach , Tom Tassel, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  1. I’ve never seen this TED speech before. Thanks for sharing. It’s my hope to one day attend a TED convention.

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