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Indications are Good and some Random Thoughts

Indications are Good“, isn’t that what the Magic 8 Ball used to answer?

It seems Stats Canada also thinks that is the case with their Leading Indicators index showing positive for the first time in a year. The Leading Indicators index is made up of many portions of the economy, including manufacturing, housing starts and the stock market.

The Stock Market (up 5.7%) and Housing Market (up 4.5%) seem to be the major driving forces that caused this positive jump, so does this mean the Financial Apocalypse is over? Seems to be what every “expert” is saying, but I remain skeptical for now. To quote the Magic 8 Ball, “Concentrate and ask again“.

Leading Indicators for the past while
Leading Indicators for the past while

Random Thoughts

The Financial Bloggers had their say this week as well about the current world of finances:

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Allan
    Sorry I missed your post on reusable bags. Glad to see someone else is concerned about minimizing the health risk. Got the link? I’d like to read it.

  2. I really like the layout of your blog here. I am currently using blogger and feel a little limited in what I can do. How has your trasition gone? Did it take long to get your PR back. Could you offer any words of wisdom for a fellow financial blogger learning the ropes? http://www.investcanada.blogspot.com



  3. It wasn’t a magic 8-ball that told me about that retirement plan. And it wasn’t the squirrel on my left shoulder that talks to me sometimes — it was the CARP that talks to me sometimes.

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