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Indications are Good and some Random Thoughts

Indications are Good“, isn’t that what the Magic 8 Ball used to answer?

It seems Stats Canada also thinks that is the case with their Leading Indicators index showing positive for the first time in a year. The Leading Indicators index is made up of many portions of the economy, including manufacturing, housing starts and the stock market.

The Stock Market (up 5.7%) and Housing Market (up 4.5%) seem to be the major driving forces that caused this positive jump, so does this mean the Financial Apocalypse is over? Seems to be what every “expert” is saying, but I remain skeptical for now. To quote the Magic 8 Ball, “Concentrate and ask again“.

Leading Indicators for the past while
Leading Indicators for the past while

Indications are good? I beg to differ

Random Thoughts

The Financial Bloggers had their say this week as well about the current world of finances:

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Allan
    Sorry I missed your post on reusable bags. Glad to see someone else is concerned about minimizing the health risk. Got the link? I’d like to read it.

  2. I really like the layout of your blog here. I am currently using blogger and feel a little limited in what I can do. How has your trasition gone? Did it take long to get your PR back. Could you offer any words of wisdom for a fellow financial blogger learning the ropes?



  3. It wasn’t a magic 8-ball that told me about that retirement plan. And it wasn’t the squirrel on my left shoulder that talks to me sometimes — it was the CARP that talks to me sometimes.

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