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Random Thoughts: October Begins

As the trees transform into majestic shades of red and gold, we welcome the month of October and the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. It’s time to bid farewell to summer and start thinking about Christmas (after indulging in some Halloween treats, of course). With that said, let’s take a quick look at what the financial blogging world has in store for us at the beginning of this month.

My Thoughts on October Begins

Random Thoughts from the Blogosphere

Michael James write about the Power of Imagination and it’s ability to make us make foolish financial decisions. I had a dream I would retire rich, unfortunately I was 102 when it happened.

The Canadian Capitalist is dealing with a family emergency, but before he went Radio Silent he commented on the Dollarama IPO when I first read about this IPO, I thought it was for a stock that was going to sell for a buck, now I see, that it’s for something else.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade writes about a topic near and dear to my heart Lifestyle Inflation where she talks about folks who’s lifestyles continue to expand to inhale their income (if not overrun it), I know lots of folks like this (in fact I am somewhat guilty of it myself).

Larry MacDonald asks is there Room For All Smarthpone Makers , I think the simple answer is no, not in Canada, but worldwide, maybe there is room for many high tech devices that threaten to destroy the moral fabric of society itself.

Preet writes about Secret Children,  no not his, but about the interesting stories you hear as a financial advisor for folks.

Four Pillars writes about Late Filing Penalties with the CRA and how they will most likely leave you with one kidney and a good portion of your liver if you are late (I kid, but sometimes that is the way it feels).

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