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Random Thoughts During a Halowe’en Pandemic

Can one take advantage of this Pandemic financially? It seems a rather ghoulish subject, and I haven’t thought of anyway, aside from investing in whichever pharmaceutical companies are crunching out “vaccines” at a great rate. The one good thing about a Pandemic is the amount of time the media spends spinning the story and thus less time lamenting the Financial Crisis of ’09. I seem to have an affliction which I suspect is the standard garden variety Cold, ho-hum (but I bet more people have died from Colds than Swine Flu so far).

More likely to make money off Halloween? Dental supply offices and Candy manufacturers might get a spike in business, but then again, the Candy displays have been out since July in our Loblaws.

My Views on Pandemic 2009

Around the Financial Boogosphere (oooh scarey kids)

Given we are about to celebrate All Hallows Eve (and then All Saints Day), let’s wander around the Booooogosphere to see what is new:

  • Michael James points out there is Pension Reform Promised Soon which is a very scarey topic right now. Many baby boomers approaching their “Golden Years’ are now afraid they may be their “Tin Years” (as in eating out of a Cat Food Tin).
  • Larry MacDonald writes about something that scares me to the core the Unbearable heaviness of the tax system pointing out how the Tax system and it’s implementation seems to force people into making ill-advised moves with their money, in the name of short term tax savings.
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade writes about a horrifying topic of Wants & Needs revisited I want to be rich, but I need to get out of debt first, that is scarey (that some folks don’t figure that one out).
  • Ellen Roseman asks the gut wrenching question Does your furnace need to be replaced? Trust me folks, that question really does make me quake all the way down to my boots.
  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo is still asking Do You Want to Be on the W Network with him?

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to use eye sanitizer after reading this. You may pick up whatever I have if you are not careful. I bet all the germ-o-phobes I know are in 7th heaven with all this over sanitization.

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  1. Thanks Alan. Starting today, tickets given out at vaccination clinics are not going to be transferable. Thank goodness because it was only a matter of time before those tickets started showing up on Craigslist.

    1. CRAP! I was going to start up my own site to sell your SWINE FLU line number for profits! C8j’ Coughing List, catchy name too! CRAP! Another sure fire money making idea down the drain….

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