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No You Aren’t Married to Him

An amusing story arose from our application for an RDSP for our son. We had applied in November and the account was set up (see New Programs are Never Easy for more details on that saga). All was fine (with the exception of being unable to access it via my TD Waterhouse on line log in), but things are not as they seem ever, when it comes to some interesting programs.

A while later we got a phone call asking for us to resubmit some of our identification documents because there seemed to be a problem with our application with the RDSP (specifically the grant portion from the Government). We resubmitted them, thinking not much more of it, however, we then received a letter saying we were rejected from the grant portion of the program due to identification irregularities.

Now, as background to this story, my wife never officially changed her name when we got married, she simply started using my last name, and for the past 22 years it has not been an issue with the CRA, or any other government agency, but, that has changed. We got told that she must go change her SIN card to match her married name (at least) or she was not going to be eligible to receive CPP benefits and our son would not be eligible for the RDSP grant program either.

I am actually chuckling at this whole thing, but it did force my wife to officially take my last name as hers (at least on her SIN card), but I am curious to find out when they are going to make her change her Birth Certificate to match (at an other inopportune moment in our lives no doubt).

Never assume that just because the Government hasn’t complained about something that they are not displeased with you, seems to be the moral of this story.

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  1. You actually can change your birth certificate to be able to show your married name and your maiden name. That I refuse to do. The issue with the SIN number has only come up now after 23 years because the government has finally gotten around to having it’s data-bases talk to each other.


  2. You don’t ever change your birth certificate! It’s the name you were born with, forever. Then again, it’s only been 18 years for me, so who knows? Maybe they’ll be rejecting me for something soon and I’ll have to change it.

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