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Random Thoughts: Let the Playoffs Begin!

Hockey Time it is!

Now that the regular season is over we now can play some real hockey, with new rules and extend the season by 2.5 months! Only in Hockey do you see a sport completely change once the playoffs begin, and the refs refuse to call penalties that were always called in the regular season, but now we are letting the boys plays (which translates to letting the boys cheat). I’m sure financial institutions would love to see the same cessation of rules in the 4th fiscal quarter, so they can try to recuperate their losses, without having to worry about silly laws and such.

Spring time also brings racoons and skunks digging up my front lawn, and the removal of my snow tires, which both happened this week as well. If I could get the skunks to remove my snowtires, I might save some money, but that is for next year now.

What was new in the financial blogosphere this week? Some funny stuff and the new iPad as well:

  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo celebrated the purchase My New iPhone Macro where he shows off this new devices capabilities. The next day he says that the new iPad is not for everyone, what?!?!? But it is for me, right?
  • The Canadian Capitalist points out some Fun Tax Facts no wonder I don’t like salty bread!
  • Michael James told a story yesterday of A Sign of Imminent Personal Financial Disaster with a chilling tale of buying groceries in the U.S.
  • Larry MacDonald points out A flaw in the HST that should be fixed, an interesting issue, but only if you plan on buying a home, which means, everybody.
  • Mr. Cheap at the Four Pillars points out Things You Irrationally *HATE* to Spend Money On where he comments about how cheap long distance phone calls are, but I remember when they were not. You never called England unless someone died, and you only called someone in the next province on the weekend after noon! Now they are free, go figure?
  • Remember it’s almost tax time and Canadian Financial DIY has a Review and Ratings of Canadian Online Tax Software: 2009 Taxes Edition, very useful stuff for those still procrastinating.

Spring away!

Oh and for my American readers, really hope you got your taxes in yesterday, because the IRS is watching!

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