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Random Thoughts: Long Weekend Ahead

Here Comes a Long Weekend

Here in Ontario it is The Long Weekend with No Name coming up, so we are all celebrating in our own private ways. Only in Ontario could you have such a Milk Toast response to a holiday weekend, we may be boring, but it is only overshadowed by our complete dullness.

This week was a lot of fun for me, because I didn’t really have to work very hard on the blog, I hosted the Best of Money Carnival #61, wrote about how the CPI Back to 1.0%, and then ranted about things, which always makes me happy (the cathartic part of writing your own blog cannot be discounted). I was sad that no one told me whether my Good Wine was actually any good, my parents think it should have been good.

Things I Thought this Week

What Others Wrote This Week

What was new this week, in the land of Finance for Home and Personal use? Some stuff to really make you scratch your head and wonder what is going on:

You get the feeling someone told bloggers that Top N lists are popular with readers?!? I can give you 3 reasons why that doesn’t work, but that can wait for my own post (I am such a snarky bugger when I want to be).

Weekly Reminders

Remember that I also micro-blog on Twitter, where you can see a whole plethora of good articles and pithy comments by me as well. Twitter feed where I retweet many great articles by some of my featured writers (and make the occasional odd or off-colour commentary on life (in 140 characters or less)).

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our post about saving tax at Canadian Business! We are actually going to be having a podcast next week with Preet from Where Did My Money Go so you guys can look forward to having all your valid concerns answered there.

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