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Happy Civic Holiday Ontario

Yes, even I take holidays (my wife doesn’t believe that, but I do). Happy Civic Holiday Ontario.

Today is the Holiday with No Name in Ontario, but some of the other names I have seen it called:

  • Civic Holiday, boy that shows a lot of imagination, doesn’t it?
  • August Bank Holiday, I like that one because it has a UK feel to it.
  • Colonel By Day, after the chap that helped build Ottawa and the Rideau Canal
  • Simcoe Days, for those living around the lake
  • Aaahh crap, why did I come into the Office, it’s a Holiday! Day, yes I know someone who went into the office for one of these and said those exact words.
  • Only 1 Month ’til School Starts Day! OK, I made that one up but it is true.

Loblaws seems to be open today (as my daughter has a shift working there), so if the stores are open, have at it folks, let the back to school carnage begin!!!

Ontario’s Coat of Arms, Cool eh?

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    1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

      Cool wouldn’t be the word I would use, but functional is true.

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