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Can You Afford Half Price Condoms ?

I have written about 50% off meat in fact Michael James has even asked if Cut Rate Meat is Safe . My wife and I have expanded our cut-rate shopping to the 50% off rack of various goods. We enjoy getting some treats for a very cheap price, but would you trust half-price condoms ?

Half Price Condoms

Half Price ?

Our grocer has, in fact, made it very easy to see the items he has slashed the prices on. Cheap products usually have a triangular flaming pink label with the words 50% Off emblazoned on it. There is no danger of missing these good bargains. These items are about to reach their best-before date, so you are taking a little chance here, but so far, we have not run into any issues with any of these products (even the meat).

A while ago, I needed an Antiperspirant. I went up the aisle where this product is sold. It is next to the Family Planning section of the small pharmacy in our local grocers. I quickly chose a manly-smelling fragrance. OK, I found the cheapest one I could find. I then noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye.

A large 50% Off label on boxes of Condoms

I’ll let that one settle in for a second. Yes it was not just one box it was a group of about 8 boxes of various condoms that were 50% off. Are half-price condoms a good idea?

Who, in the name of Dr. Spock, would rely on birth control that they picked up for 50% off? I leave this as a question to my good readers: would you trust 50% off condoms? Would you buy them for your kids?

Be prepared. I have the ultimate story that my friends know, but my good readers have only had me hint at, that may come out one day, about my Failed Vasectomy. NO I would not trust cut rate Condoms, ever!

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  1. hahah! 50% off condoms?? Maybe they were nearing their expiry date too?

    I do like 50% off groceries though. I can’t help but gravitate to the hot pink triangular sticker that says “50% off”-only on groceries. Not on condoms.

  2. Some things I would just prefer to pay full price or a premium for. If anything just for the peace of mind (even if technically there is no difference).

    I’d think paying the full price for condoms is actually MUCH cheaper than an unexpected child! Avoiding one box of diapers alone and you are already well ahead!

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