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50% Off Cheap Meat?

Michael James a while ago asked is Half Price Meat Safe (as his lovely wife had started purchasing cheap meat, but he wasn’t sure how safe it might be)?  I snickered at the posting since I know his wife and thought her legendary frugality had gone off the deep end this time. However, in reflection, she does have a point.

Cheap Meat or Old Meat?

cheap meat

Cheap Meat

At our local Independent and Loblaws, you look for the red triangles on meat that say 50% off, so this meat is well-marked (and well advertised as possibly being “dodgy”).

My wife started buying this produce a while ago, as a way to extend our tight grocery budget. The meat seemed fine to eat, and so far, we have not picked up any tapeworms or other parasites, so this seems to be a good way for a family to stretch its grocery budget.

We eat the meat that evening (we are not gamblers, I don’t think the meat would last another 24 hours). That would be my major caveat to the whole scheme.  I don’t think we’ll start buying day-old bread. However, we do typically have a look at the “mark down” items in the bakery section as well (with the same caveat about eating the goods quickly).

Does anybody else have any guilty frugal tips they’d like to share? Drop me a comment on this topic (I call it frugal, although I also know people that are pretty proud of the term CHEAP, and wear it as a badge of courage).

Next Cheap Challenge

My complete loathing of paying Bank Fees I have already been written about many times, and I am looking at my cell phone bill, wondering whether that is the next area to get CHEAP on. We shall see. If I could find a cell phone in a bargain bin that would work, I would buy it!

Cheap Postings

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