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Random Thoughts: No Fruitcakes here

It was a busy week for me, and as you might be able to tell, I was on course, so thus, my topics came from a mind that occasionally wandered away to odd and different places. With the Holiday Season in full swing, the topic of regifting seemed to be a natural discussion point, and the end of the year (and decade) another one that just seemed an obvious choice for things.

The stock market seems to be having an adjustment again, which means I lose some presumed value of some of my holdings, it’s a boom when I make money, it’s an adjustment when I lose money, pretty simple terminology, I guess.

This week the topics I covered included:

With other authors this week, their minds didn’t wander off as far as mine, but still some very interesting content seen on my regular Financial Blogs reading list:

Another Fruit Cake
Oh Joy! Fruitcake!


“Non plaudite. Modo pecuniam jacite”

Anonymous (Latin)

And also remember C8j’s Rule of Giving Fruitcake (watch for yellow ice)!

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  1. Alan, I think you should get a spam filter and spank these spam messages. It detracts so much from some of the nice discussions going on. Thanks for the mention!

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