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Holiday Hours at the Banks

Closed for 4 days?

Please note this is NOT a rant about TD or their branches, it is an informational post for those who are planning end of year banking transactions.

I swung by my local bank branch to get some money out of the ATM machine (yes I do go to my branch, but only to use their machines so I don’t get dinged with the different bank ATM charge), and noticed the Holiday Hours for the branch (posted on the door), and the dates surprised me. My branch of TD will be closed Saturday (Christmas Day), Monday and Tuesday as well.

Before I have any of my union brethren jumping on me about forcing tellers to work during statutory holidays, I am not ranting about the hours worked, but I am pointing out that if you need to do any end of year banking, you had better get it done soon. I get the Monday holiday since that is a Boxing Day replacement, but why Tuesday?

A beautiful hand made clock

I need to do a fair amount of end of year clean up and such, so I must now carefully plan when this can be done, because a lot of it relies on me getting access to my local branch. Remember as well that your on line transactions usually are processed on Banking days, so if you paid a bill on Christmas day, the transaction will not actually go through until December 29th. Bills are not typically due on a major holiday, but keep this in mind.

You might want to get some cash too (yes I am being paranoid), but how often is someone going to come in and check how much cash is left in the ATM over the holidays?

Blog Holiday Hours

My Holiday Hours will be pretty similar, the week between Christmas and New Year may have some Best of posts, or worse some Top 10 lists for your reading pleasures, but like Bank Tellers, we financial bloggers would like some time off to be with our loved ones as well. For those that follow on Twitter, that may be heavily curtailed as well, unless I am near some friendly Wi-Fi outlets.

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  1. No one needs to come in and check how much cash is left in the ATM. The network can see all that remotely. And even if there is a problem, all the major banks have someone available to service their ATMs 365 days a year.

    The banks will most likely be sure to stuff the ATM full of cash the last day. Depending on the ATM, there’s also the option of leaving extra cash in the ATM. If it’s a machine that gets filled by an armoured car crew, they’ll just dispatch them to refill it early.

    1. Thought I was being paranoid, but I threw it out there, because I knew one of my smart readers would know the real story.

      I do remember in the 80’s running into this problem, but good to know there is enough cash to be had!

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