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Top 10 Bad Financial Lists

Yes, I am in one of those moods today, so for those who are lovers of Top 10 lists (no disrespect to David Letterman), here is another great top 10 bad financial lists of my own thinking, and please note the number of entries as well.

Top 10 Bad Financial Lists Ever

Yes, this is a list of lists about Personal Finance that I hope I never actually read. If any of these lists please point them out to me, I’d dearly love to read them.

10. Top 10 Stock Tips from Barbers

Now this is not a slight to barbers (even Wealthy Barbers (amazon book link)), I like barbers in general (although whoever thought up Justin Bieber’s hair thing should have his license revoked), however, if you are looking for stock picking advice from your Gardener, Barber, or your trash collector, you may be looking in the wrong place. I am skeptical of every stock tip I receive in my life, and you should be as well.

9. Top 10 Stocks Rated by their CEO’s Bonus Levels

This list might actually be interesting to read, the real list might be by how little bonus their CEO receives, or should it be by their how much their CEO gets? Either one, is not likely to be published by anyone.

8. Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay Taxes

Note to anybody from the CRA or the IRS, I am not espousing not paying your Income Tax, this is a humorous list remember? If I didn’t pay taxes I would pretty much double my income, and that should be reason number 1 (if this list existed).

7. Top 10 Credit Cards Based on their Look

If you are getting a Credit Card solely because Kim Kardashian is on it, you really need to rethink why you have a credit card. It might be kind of cool to have a Led Zeppelin Credit Card, if it hard the graphic from their first album on it (the Hindenburg in flames), very topical in terms of personal debt.

6. My Top 10 Favorite Bank Service Charges

I don’t know who could write this list, a favorite bank service charge is like your favorite cold sore, how could anyone really like this? I’d sooner see a list of my top 10 favorite paper cuts!

5. Top 10 Reasons Whole Life is Better than Term Life Insurance

I’m almost positive this list exists somewhere, and at the end of it is a link to where you can buy whole life insurance.

4. Top 10 Pick 7 Lottery Pick Number Sets

This list isn’t as stupid as you think. All sets of numbers should have the same chances of winning, but on the top of the list should be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 it has the same chance of winning as all others. If you pay to get one of these lists, invest in the person selling the list (they are an entrepreneur).

3. Debt and the Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay it Down

On the top of this list, you might as well replace the Gordon Geko statement, “… Greed is good…” with the dumb ass statement, “… Debt is Good…”, no it is not!

Remember I have already got a list about the Top 10 Excuses For Being In Debt. It’s a good list too!

2.3 Top 10 Places to Blow Found Money

This list would be hard to keep to only 10, but if you find money, you should not be looking for a list of places where you might simply spend it, without thinking. Some guesses of places on this list: Strip Club or Bar, Car Dealership,  A Three Card Monty Table and/or Casino, etc.,

2.2 Top 10 Fashion Accessories that will Appreciate in Value

Instead of buying GIC’s or Index funds, this list outlines the Fashion Accessories that you can then use to retire on.

I have no doubt that some clothing may well appreciate in value, but if this is your retirement plan, you really need to seek professional help.

2.1 Top 10 Reasons Why Birth Control is Overrated

Why on this list of lists? Do you know how much kids cost? Using no Birth Control is a financial decision, as well. If my kids are reading this, I will personally staple on all Birth Control if I have to.

#1    Top 10 Reasons Pay Day Loans are Good

Do I really need to explain why this one is number 1? Modern day loan sharks and usury houses should be more tightly regulated, their ability to suck the life out of the poor folks who fall victim to them is tragic, if not immoral.

Did I miss any Top 10 Bad Financial lists ?

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  1. Paula @

    I like your inclusion of “fashion accessories that will appreciate in value” — it drives me crazy when fashion magazines call certain items “investment pieces.” Those jeans are not an investment!! It might (or might not) be a smart buy (because it’s high-quality, you’ll wear it often, etc.) but it’s not an investment.

  2. Great list. Reminds me of a good quote I read recently from famous England footballer George Best. It went something like, “I spent a lot of money on booze, women and fast cars. The rest I mostly wasted.”

  3. “a favorite bank service charge is like your favorite cold sore” This was too much. I popped out laughing. And I knew that you would do the payday day loan thing. I make ONE post not advocating, just educating, and your foot is firmly planted in my ass. I won’t do it again.

    P.S. You do know that you have more than 10 on this list though, right?

  4. Paul Viau - Condosnovascotia

    Yeah – The top ten reasons why Payday Loans are good is priceless. Who came up with this idea for this post!

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